We are Delhi (India) based Product Development and manufacturer of following products being used in Satellite Communication, Broadcast and IT industries:



  • Mobile Satellite Antenna Controllers (ACU)
  • Fixed Earth Station Satellite Antenna Controllers (ACU)
  • Conversion of Fixed Earth Station Satellite Antenna to Motorized one and with Manual, Semi or automatic antenna Controllers (ACU)
  • HPA/SSPA Waveguide Switch 1:1 Controller
  • LNB 1: Switch Controller

Rack Power Distribution:

  • Basic MDU 1U 12/14 IEC outlets
  • Basic PDU 0U 20 / 16 IEC/Multi, etc outlets
  • Switched MDU 1U 12/14 IEC outlets (Intelligent)
  • Switched PDU 0U 20 / 16 IEC/Multi, etc outlets (Intelligent)
  • Intelligent Metered MDU and PDU (with individual port current/power metering/monitoring
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) 1U 12 IEC outlets
  • Source Transfer Switch (STS) 1U 12 IEC outlets
  • Intelligent Automatic Transfer Switch  (ATS) 1U 12 IEC outlets
  • Intelligent Source Transfer Switch (STS) 1U 12 IEC outlets
  • and many more, send us your requirements at info@ddsat.in 


  • DSNG Operations & Maintenance Service Support
  • Satellite Link Design and Consultancy
  • DSNG, Flyaway and Teleport Integration services
  • Rectification of Antenna Radiation Pattern/Gain for NOCC MPVT
  • C, Ku-band Satellite Spectrum and DSNG service monitoring
  • DSNG, Fixed Earth Station Audit for problem rectification
  • Training of Project and Operations team
  • Many more products and Services

 To send inquiry, email us at info@ddsat.in


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