DDSat Technologies promoted by Satellite Professionals having two decades of experience in VSAT, DSNG, Teleport installations and Operations.Apart from Satellite Projects, Operations, we have technical expertise in antenna design and manufacturing as per customer need specially for DSNG and Flyaway.We focus issues with Operations efficiency through technical and Operations Training of the Projects and Operations Team.
Over the period of couple of years, we have developed dedicated team of engineers for Design and Development of PRODUCTS which are used in Satellite Communication, Broadcast and IT industries.
Few of them from Porduct list:
1. Satellite Antenna Controller (ACU)
2. HPA Waveguide Switch 1:1 Controller
3. LNB 1:1 Switch Controller
4. Intelligent Mains Distribution Unit 1U, 0U, etc
5. Many more product to come up for Remote monitoring over network for improving our infrastructure

Feel free to to write us at info@ddsat.in

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