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Knowledge management is fundamentally about making the right knowledge or the right knowledge sources (including people) available to the right people at the right time. Knowledge sharing is therefore perhaps the single most important aspect in this process, since the vast majority of KM initiatives depend upon it. Knowledge sharing can be described as either push or pull. The latter is when the knowledge worker actively seeks out knowledge sources (e.g. library search, seeking out an expert, collaborating with a coworker etc.), while knowledge push is when knowledge is “pushed onto” the user (e.g. newsletters, unsolicited publications, etc).

Knowledge sharing depends on the habit and willingness of the knowledge worker to seek out and/or be receptive to these knowledge sources. The right culture, incentives, and so on must therefore be present.

To enable Satellite Communication professionals to design and decide operating parameters, following online calculators and knowledge Base articles has been provided on this site:

1. Data Rate Calculators

2. Link Budget Calculator

3. Modulation Basics

4. MPEG Compression

5. RF Calculators

6. Video Basics

These posts would be periodically updated and new calculators and articles would be added. Keep watching this site.. Thanks

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